Photo Gallery

Pictured is Terry Bessette and his kitten CC. Terry has wanted a pet cat for a very long time, he loves cats. His previous landlords would not allow him to have a pet. In Jan 2015, Terry moved into a new house and his new landloard told him he could have a cat. The team leader of his house found out about a 2 week old kitten that was abandoned. She spoke to Terry who wanted to help care for the kitten. Terry helped bottle feed her until she was able to eat solid food, then decided to keep her.  CC has been great for Terry - he used to stay in his room a lot, but is coming out of his room a lot more because of CC. Terry has been much happier since taking care of her.


Jonathon Poynter recently began playing trombone and receives lessons paid in part through a scholarship he received.











AJ won 2 gold medals for track and field and fourth place for 50 yd dash at Special Olympics in Terre Haute. (June 2015)











Kristy Meeks, who works at Goodwill and is part of their ad campaign.  








Congratulations! Sam won gold and silver at Special Olympics golf tournament.




ARC OF Wabash has started an Art Program.  Back in October they had an art show at a local gallery where the completed art projects could be purchased.  The money that was earned went into buying more art supplies to keep the program going.  Lisa Richey had a painting that was the featured painting.  



Karrie Steele - enjoys her time with music therapy, is very active with Special Olympics, and works 2 community jobs. She also loves country music and has met Toby Keith at one of his concerts.



Madison Guyer with her horses and baskets


Destyne Yoder has TBI and showed her llama at the Elkhart County 4H fair.  She won several ribbons including 1st place.


From CAMP SPARKS, Lafayette,IN:

   Billy at summer camp farm

Billy Frost attended summer camp ran by ARC of Tippecanoe County .

From ESARC of Allen County:

Matt likes all sports          Matt enjoys being part of the team

Matt Colley is a member of ARC Raiders #2 and a Special Olympic State Champion (in their division). 

Tara's Library - Nappanee

Tara's Library

Tara's love to read helped her identify a need in her community. Two years ago, Tara started her Country Library. It is self-serve library at no cost to those in her community. Hundreds of books have been borrowed since that time. Tara is also proud that she has worked at a local restaurant for many years.