Case Management

Case Management
How Do I Get Started?
What Is Case Management?
Case Management is the gateway to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Indiana counties. Once individuals qualify for support, they, along with their family, guardians, friends, and program staff, meet with a case manager to discuss which services can help them reach their goals.

The case manager then drafts an Individual Plan (I.P.), which addresses the issues discussed in the meeting and outlines the strategy for going forward. Working directly with individuals and their families, the case manager helps obtain services through an independent Service Provider Organization and makes sure these services are coordinated and delivered in a way that helps each person reach his or her goals. Frequent evaluations of an I.P. ensure that the strategy remains relevant to each individual’s needs.

What Documents Do I Need?
The following information is needed before eligibility for services can be determined. You will need to print, complete, sign, and provide these items.

A completed Application for Services.

A completed Medical History form.

A signature sheet indicating that you have read and understood the following brochures: Your Rights, Grievance Procedure and Conflict Resolution, and Notice of Privacy Practices (Notice of Privacy Policy in Spanish).

Copy of Birth Certificate

Copy of Photo Identification (such as State I.D.)

Copy of Social Security Card

Copy of Medicaid card, if received.

Copy of Medicare Card, if received.

A complete Affidavit of Citizenship form.

Additional information needed:

A current psychological evaluation (copies of previous testing can be requested from sources with the signed "Authorization for Release of Confidential Information" forms).

A current adaptive behavior assessment (copies of assessments can be obtained from sources with the signed “Authorization for Release of Confidential Information” form). If you cannot obtain this information from an outside source, contact Advocacy Links intake department at xxx-xxx-xxxx or

What Are Transition Services?

Transition services are defined as a coordinated set of activities for a student, designed within an outcome oriented process, which promotes movement from school to post-school activities.

Take a look at these transition milestones to learn more.

Ready to Apply?
Once the online application below is finalized, the intake navigator will follow-up with you to make sure all documentation is in order. After reviewing all of the paperwork submitted, the intake navigator will either:

Assign an intake case manager to complete the determination, or
Contact you to request supporting documentation that is missing from the application
Intake Process Explained

Access the Online Application

* Please remember that there are waiting lists for many services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Indiana. It is important that you contact us as early as possible so that we can begin the process.

Call the intake coordinator at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email The intake coordinator will provide you with the information needed to get started and answer questions about services available in the counties we serve.