What do Committees do?

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A committee is a group of people who take on the responsibility of managing a specific topic for an organization. Some committees are formed to meet short-term issues, while standing committees meet on an on-going basis to manage a recurring or regular issue. 

Committees are a driving force in our organization and finding qualified team members to take on roles of Chair, Vice Chair and Leads is important for maintaining diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Effective committees include members who stick to an established protocol, arriving on time, staying on the agenda and participating in discussions.

Committees have a designated leader who manages meetings to make sure objectives are met and usually reports results to admin team or individuals to whom they are accountable. Committees may or may not appoint a co-chair to step in when the chair is unavailable or to help handle agendas, minutes or other logistics aside from the chair.

Committees meet on a regular basis, the frequency depending on the urgency of the issue.  Standing committees usually meet every one, two or three months. Special committees might come together weekly or bi-weekly to meet a deadline - still other committees may be disbanded until another issue arises that requires committee action.

Technology Committee


This committee has not yet been established. Revisiting this for 2021