Delaware County Case Managers

Sierra Wible - cropped photo - 20181017.

Sierra Wible

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 108


Supervisor: Jerilyn Koroncevicius, 888.537.5733 Ext. 28,


Sierra Wible has been in the ID/DD community since 2010. Sierra started out as a direct care support staff and worked her way up to a supervisory role, while working on her bachelor’s in health care administration. Sierra graduated with her degree in 2017 and started her journey in 2018 in case management with Advocacy Links. Sierra strives to give her consumers the best life possible and advocate for them.


Outside of advocating for her consumers, she is a single mother to her daughter who keeps her busy with softball, dance competition, bike trails, and anything outdoors.