Housemate Finder Beta Testing Instructions

Housemate Finder Beta Testing Instructions

Housemate Finder is offering a FREE 90-DAY TRIAL to anyone who signs up by November 30th. If you are interested in testing and using the system, sign up by then!

Welcome Testers to Beta Testing Central! We set up a special web page just for you!

USING INSTRUCTIONS      Although we hope that Housemate Finder is intuitive and accessible, this is a new tool for us that has been through a lot of customization. If you find that you are having trouble navigating through different steps, we’ve assembled some initial walkthrough instructions (in PDF format) available below. We encourage you to try to navigate Housemate Finder without the below walkthrough instructions, but they are here if you need help.

What we are hoping for most, is feedback from you about your experience in navigating Housemate Finder and how easy it was for you to understand.

WHAT TO EXPECT      Each week, we will send out emails asking you to focus on a different area of Housemate Finder to critique and offer feedback on your experience. Mondays, you will be sent an email that includes a link to the current week’s testing instructions, and the completed week’s Survey link. If you fall behind, don’t worry, everything will be added and updated on this page for you to refer to as you go and at your own pace.

INTERACTING WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS     We encourage everyone to enter profile information for individuals who are actively looking for housemates. If you are not currently searching but want to test anyway, please feel free and create a fake account. At the end of testing, we will reach out to identify all fake accounts to clean up the system before we move to public launch. Feel free to make friends with each other and the accounts our staff have created, but keep in mind that much of the data in these, will not lead you to a viable match at this time. (But it sure will be interesting to see who are your potential matches!)

QUESTIONS     If you have any questions or concerns along the way, please feel free to reach out to Joy at

We greatly appreciate your help, and happy testing!

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