Learn about Case Management

Case Management is the gateway to services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Indiana. Case Managers oversee the state-funded Medicaid Waiver budget allotted to each individual who qualifies and assists them and their families in finding services utilizing this budget. Once individuals qualify for the Medicaid Waiver, they, along with their family, guardians, friends, and program staff, meet with a case manager to discuss which services can help them reach their goals. With assistance from the individuals and support team, the case manager creates a PCISP (Person-Centered Individualized Support Plan) that addresses issues discussed in each meeting and outlines the strategy going forward, as well as outcomes (goals) for the individual to work on with their family and support team.


The role of the Case Manager is a critical piece for people receiving Medicaid Waiver services; they act as the unbiased component of the waiver participant’s support team. The Case Manager is responsible for educating the waiver participant, and their legal representative, if applicable, about available service and provider options. They must also communicate effectively and efficiently with all team members to ensure that quality, appropriate services are being delivered.


Working directly with individuals and their families, the Case Manager helps obtain services through an independent service provider organization and makes sure these services are coordinated and delivered in a way that helps each person reach his or her goals. Frequent evaluations of the PCISP ensure that the strategy remains relevant to each individual’s needs. Individuals and their support teams/families will meet with their case manager four times a year/quarterly, but the case manager will be constantly available for anything the individual or their family may need.

Standard Case Management duties include:

  • Quarterly team meetings

  • Developing, updating, and reviewing Person-Centered Individualized Support Plan (PCISP)

  • Completing and processing individual’s Level of Care document annually

  • Developing an Annual Support Plan and updating as needed

  • Distributing information and forms to consumers and support teams

  • Incident report completion, submission, and follow-up

  • Monitoring of service delivery and utilization via telephone calls, provider reports, emails, home visits, team meetings

  • File maintenance