Sponsor a Community Event

Sponsor a Community Event


Help cover the cost for a larger community event for educational, interactive, and social opportunities. Events targeted for more than 50 attendees require additional resources. Your contribution will help cover the cost of the materials needed for the event; any rental fees for the space needed to hold the event; any instructor expenses to lead the event; as well as staff to support participants during the event as needed. Your name (if you request it) will be included in the advertising for the event to recognize your commitment to providing opportunities to people in your local community. If you would like a breakdown of the costs covered by your contribution, please request this specifically.

Examples of Community Events that have been held or might be held in the future:

  • Transition Fairs at local high schools to educate students and parents about next steps for moving from high school to adulthood.
  • Sensory Friendly movie night – renting a local movie theatre and having adjustments made to the experience to reduce the noise volume, allow for outbursts and additional space, create atmosphere for low lighting for comfort level.
  • Campout – providing an opportunity for people who have never had the opportunity to go camping to take a few days to rent a campground, enjoy a campfire, roast hot dogs, set up a tent, take a hike through the woods, identify birds and trees, etc.
  • Community Resource Fairs – collaborate with other service organizations to provide a “one-stop shop” for individuals and families to gather information and speak with industry leaders about assistance they need regardless of age, gender, disability, etc. These events generally also provide an interactive component to provide opportunities for participants to engage in various interesting, hands-on activities to enable parents/caregivers an opportunity to gather information while their loved one is involved an activity while the caregiver can observe them from a short distance.


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