Wells County Case Managers

John Birkenbeul - cropped photo - 201810

John Birkenbeul

Experienced Case Manager - Child/Adolescent 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 94

Email: john.birkenbeul@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com

John has been working as a case manager with Advocacy Links since January of 2017.  Prior to that he taught 5th grade for Fort Wayne Community Schools for two years. John is still a licensed K-6 teacher with the state of Indiana and holds a bachelor degree in education from Indiana University.

Working with families, and especially children, is a passion of John's and something that he hopes to continue to do into the foreseeable future.  John is married and has four children, including a set of twins. He enjoys spending time with his family and traveling with his wife.

Michael Bitler - Photo - 20200105.jpg

Michael Bitler

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 138

Email: michael.bitler@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com


Michael's most recent experience working in the field was as Program Manager for 30 individuals at Bethesda Lutheran Services and earlier as a Foster Care Case Manager. He also has experience working with children and adolescents through DCS, has been involved in IEP development, and has years of experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, etc. 


Michael chose to work in this field because he has a desire to help others that may not have the ability to help themselves. He has a passion for helping others make an impact in their lives and can use his knowledge of resources and services in the surrounding area. Michael frequently networks by attending external events that give him the opportunity to meet with other providers and gather resources.


In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and coaching soccer.

Katie Dear.jpg

Katie Dear

Experienced Case Manager - Transitional

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 80

Email: katie.dear@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com

Katie has been in Case Management since 2016 and has worked in the Medicaid Waiver field since 2009.  She has held various positions including direct care and day program management.  With Advocacy Links, she is also involved in our Accessibility Committee and the Employee Recognition Program. 


Katie has an Indiana University Degree in Education.  Katie is a frequent volunteer in her community, Columbia City, where she lives with her husband and 3 children.  As a musician, Katie spends her free time as the lead singer/keyboard player in a band; her husband is the drummer.  

Amy Fisher

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 31

Email: amy.fisher@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com

Amy earned a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University in Psychology and Criminal Justice.  She has worked with various populations of Individuals with Mental Illness and Intellectual Developmental Disabilities for over 10 years. Amy started her career working in a large Residential facility in Illinois and then moved to a Site Supervisor position managing multiple 24-hour care homes. Amy has been a Case Manager for the Indiana waiver for about a decade.


Amy enjoys working in the Human Service field because of the potential to improve the lives of others, and the ability to protect the rights of others. Amy is interested in continuing to improve the overall emotional and physical health of individuals through maintaining healthy habits, choices, aspirations and values, and the best possible use of beneficial services. Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time with family, traveling with friends, and outdoor activities such as sports, walks, hikes, runs and bike rides.

Andrea Hilton

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 126

Email: andrea.hilton@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Jerilyn Koroncevicius, 888.537.5733 Ext. 28, jerilyn.steele@advocacy-links.com

Andrea has a Human Services degree from Indiana Tech. She is fluent in both Spanish and English and has held various positions using her bilingual skills. Andrea has worked with diverse populations to connect people with needed resources. 


She wants to work in this field to help others overcome any barriers or obstacles they may have in other to achieve and maintain a normal standard of life as an individual who does not have a disability.  She enjoys cooking, dancing, traveling, and attending her child’s sporting events.

Britney Hofman

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 81

Email: britney.hofman@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com

Britney Hofman has lived in Fort Wayne her entire life. She is a wife and a mother to four girls. She has a love for anything outdoors and being active. She has a passion for helping others and advocating for a variety of populations.


She graduated in 2010 from Indiana Wesleyan with a bachelor's degree in marketing. After college Britney worked in the mental health field side by side with adults dealing with severe and persistent mental illness--helping them with housing, employment, educational goals and finding a place to belong. After five great years, she transitioned to case management with Advocacy Links in order to serve an even wider group of individuals including those with developmental disabilities.

Shian Klug - 20190710.jpg

Shian Klug

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 131

Email: shian.klug@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com

Volunteering in a variety of capacities, helping people in need is what drew Shian Klug to consider a career as a Case Manager.  She has helped at various Special Olympics events and fundraisers.  Shian is very familiar with caring for people as her father was autistic and her stepbrother has an intellectual disability. 


Shian earned a degree at Indiana University-Fort Wayne and has a certificate in Lean Black Belt Sigma.

Lori McCoy - 20190710.jpg

Lori McCoy

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext.117

Email: lori.mccoy@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Jerilyn Koroncevicius, 888.537.5733 Ext. 28, jerilyn.steele@advocacy-links.com


Lori McCoy has spent over 20 years working in the Social Service field and has truly enjoyed working with individuals and families. She has had the privilege of working with every age from birth to 90.  Helping others and finding a solution to a problem that an individual has always been a challenge that she enjoys. 

Lori is a very active wife and mother of three college-aged children. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

Megan Myers.jpg

Megan Myers

Experienced Case Manager - Transitional 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 58

Email: megan.myers@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Jerilyn Koroncevicius, 888.537.5733 Ext. 28, jerilyn.steele@advocacy-links.com


Megan has been in case management since 2014 and has worked in the Intellectual Disability Field since 1999.  Megan graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Megan has worked in various environments in the field including day programs, former institutions and government offices. Prior to case management, Megan was a surveyor with a private company contracted on behalf of the Bureau of the Quality Improvement Services.


Megan assists individuals to get started on waiver services. Megan is involved with the Safety Committee and Employee Recognition Committee. Megan has a sister with Down Syndrome and is an advocate for all individuals with a disability. Megan is passionate about spending time with her husband and son. Megan also enjoys spending free time scrapbooking.

Katrina Kardys Peaslee

Specialized Case Manager / Marketing Assistant

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 118

Email: katrina.k.peaslee@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com


Katrina Peaslee has been a Case Manager with Advocacy Links since 2018. Growing up, she had very empathetic parents who became foster parents for numerous children with a range of developmental and intellectual disabilities. These experiences helped mold Katrina’s character and interests into helping others as well. While she received her B.A. in English Literature from Manchester University (previously College) and M.A. in Publications Design from the University of Baltimore, Katrina feels like the majority of her previous professional positions have been guiding her toward the field of case management; she has an intense passion for helping those in need.


In her spare time, Katrina and her husband, Trevor, run a youth soccer program. She is also a freelance graphic designer and color/winter guard instructor at a local high school. In May 2020, Katrina and Trevor had their first child.

Trevor Peaslee

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 70

Email: trevor.peaslee@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com


Trevor has been a Case Manager with Advocacy Link since 2015. Born and raised around the Kalamazoo, Michigan area, Trevor has spent the majority of his adult life in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He received his B.S. in Organizational Leadership from IPFW, where he also played D1 soccer for four years. Previous to moving to Fort Wayne, Trevor’s sister started an AFC (Adult Foster Care) home in Mattawan, Michigan, which housed six gentlemen who live with schizophrenia. While working at this home, he gained valuable career experience, as well as great memories.


After graduating from IPFW, he spent eight years working in the Children and Adolescents Unit at Parkview Behavioral Health, conducting various groups, 1:1’s, and assisting with the betterment of the program’s youths. Outside of Advocacy Links, Trevor continues to work with children by coaching middle and high school soccer programs, and by running a youth soccer program with his wife, Katrina, who also just had their first child in May 2020.

Renee Pennington Roy - cropped photo - 2

Renee Pennington-Roy

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 88

Email: renee.pennington-roy@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com


Renee Pennington-Roy began working in the field of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities in 2001. She has a degree in Psychology from Indiana University-Fort Wayne. Renee has worked as a day program director and QIDP for a residential provider. She has been a Medicaid Waiver Case Manager since 2009. 


Renee is also a fierce advocate for the homeless and leads an organization called JustUs that collects and delivers items to people without permanent homes. Renee is a huge New Orleans Saints fan and is the luckiest person on Earth to have two little ones call her YaYa (grandmother).

Selena Stankovic.jpg

Selena Stankovic

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 41

Email: selena.stankovic@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Sean Chaffee, 888.537.5733 Ext. 20, sean.chaffee@advocacy-links.com


Selena has worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities since 2000.  She graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor of Social Work. Prior to becoming a case manager, Selena worked 6 years directly with individuals with intellectual disabilities. She has also worked for 5 years as a Social Service Consultant and QIDP in Long Term care facilities throughout the Midwest. This gave her invaluable experience as she is more knowledgeable about the many medical needs of others.


Selena has been a case manager since 2011. She enjoys being a case manager, as she enjoys linking individuals with the services and resources they need, collaborating with teams, advocating for individual’s needs and assisting individuals and their families navigate the waiver system. Selena enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 daughters. They enjoy traveling together, watching football, riding bicycles, attending local festivals and sporting events. In the summer, they enjoy any event that will allow them to ride in their Jeep Wrangler. Selena enjoys snow skiing, sewing, hiking, and outdoor concerts.

Sierra Wible - cropped photo - 20181017.

Sierra Wible

Case Manager 

Phone: 888.537.5733 Ext. 108

Email: sierra.wible@advocacy-links.com

Supervisor: Jerilyn Koroncevicius, 888.537.5733 Ext. 28, jerilyn.steele@advocacy-links.com

Sierra Wible has been in the ID/DD community since 2010. Sierra started out as a direct care support staff and worked her way up to a supervisory role, while working on her bachelor’s in health care administration. Sierra graduated with her degree in 2017 and started her journey in 2018 in case management with Advocacy Links. Sierra strives to give her consumers the best life possible and advocate for them.


Outside of advocating for her consumers, she is a single mother to her daughter who keeps her busy with softball, dance competition, bike trails, and anything outdoors.

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