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Who We Are

Established in 2012, Advocacy Links has assembled a staff of over 80 highly qualified and trained case managers, supervisors, and specialized team members, who serve over 2,800 individuals, spanning 40 counties across the northern region of Indiana. 95% of our staff members, including our administrative and managerial staff, maintain a caseload so that we are continuously in contact with our community and the individuals we serve. Every year, each of our employees completes more than 20 hours of additional training related to case management so that we remain knowledgeable in our field. These topics range from the Indiana Medicaid Waiver, Medicaid, and Social Security, along with many other pertinent subjects, such as Vocational Rehabilitation and K-12 Education, that help us to better serve our individuals and their families. You can read more about our company's accomplishments and consumer highlights in our Advocacy Links 2020 Annual Progress Report.

What our families say about our Case Managers

 "We've worked with Marcia since our daughter was 8 years old. According to the family groups to which we belong, it's a rare thing for a Case Manager to be consistent for over 3 years. We are so grateful that Marcia has been with us as our daughter has started school and is now preparing to enter Junior High." 

“Jerilyn has been our Case Manager since our daughter qualified for benefits. We consider her a critical team member. She is timely when responding to questions and concerns, provides objective opinions on issues and is empathetic.”

“Katrina has taken a lot of time helping me understand (Medicaid Waiver) budgeting and is on top of my family member’s needs. I feel I can contact her any time for help.”

We are CARF Certified

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent, nonprofit organization with a focus on advancing the quality of services in health and human services. In Spring 2019, Advocacy Links, once again, received the highest level of CARF Accreditation, which we have achieved every evaluation year (2013, 2016, and 2019). Our organization underwent an extensive evaluation to ensure that our compliance measures meet CARF standards. For those being served, CARF accreditation means the provider is committed to reducing risk, addressing health and safety concerns, respecting preferences of individuals (cultural or otherwise), and providing the best quality of care possible. It also shows that our organization values the feedback and input of our clients and is accountable to the community. Accreditation demonstrates that a CARF-accredited service provider has made a specific commitment to put the needs of their residents at the center of everything they do and that they respect the rights and individuality of its clients. Advocacy Links’ services, personnel, and the documentation indicated an established pattern of practice excellence, that accredited us for a maximum length certification term of 3 years. 

Our Specialized CARF Accreditation Areas Include:

  • Case Management

  • Child/Adolescent

  • Medically Fragile

  • Older Adults

  • Older Adults/Dementia Care


We Serve Diverse Populations

We provide Spanish-speaking case managers in areas of Indiana where there is a high concentration of Hispanic families who need services. We also provide access to interpreters for other non-English speaking populations, such as American Sign Language, Burmese, Chinese, etc.

By the Numbers

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We have a 93% staff retention rate*, one of the highest in the industry

*Applies to Case Managers who have worked with our company for more than a year


96% of our individuals / families are happy with their current Case Manager* 

*According to our 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey


98% of our individuals / families would recommend Advocacy Links as a Case Management provider to others* 

*According to our 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey